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Packaging Line for soft Pouches

02 декабря 2019

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When it comes to pouches, it’s obvious to think about beverage, which was one of the first industries to take advantage of this innovative packaging style.
Juices, sport drinks, baby food, RTD yogurt… for all of them Cama has a variety of solutions responding to different packaging requirements.
These solutions include compact and cost effective high speed cartoning machines for flat board display boxes as well as top loading systems when flexibility is needed and there is the request for interleaving pouches.
Thanks to own experience and know-how, Cama is able to design tailor made turnkey solutions similar to the multi-flavour line in the picture where vision guided robots are selecting the right flavour and loading the pouches into the infeed belt of a cartoning machine. After the display boxes are closed, they are rotated into the correct position and loaded into shipping cases erected from flat blanks by our wrap-around case packer.

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